Information for the Public

The Committee on Public Elementary and Middle Schools (CPEMS), is part of CPS - one of four commissions within NEASC. CPS is able to accredit schools due to the efforts of 26 Commission members who represent over 650 member schools, a professional and support staff, and the volunteer efforts of over 1,000 teachers and administrators who serve on visiting teams, including the extraordinary efforts of experienced chairs and assistant chairs on each team. The work of CPS focuses on helping schools determine the extent to which they meet the Standards for Accreditation which have been established by the member schools. Schools are required to undergo a comprehensive self-study every ten years through which they determine the extent to which they meet Commission standards and identify strengths and needs.

The Commission meets annually in January, March, June, and September/October to take action on reports from schools and visiting teams and to do the work of the Commission.