Annual Information Report

Instructions for Completing the Annual Information Report, A Requirement of Membership (to be completed by school principals)

One of the requirements of membership in the New England Association of Schools and Colleges is the completion and electronic submission of your school’s Annual Information Report (AIR) - hosted on the NEASC website - by the principal. After logging in, the most current information contained in your school record will be displayed so that you can review, edit, and submit any updates. In addition, you may make changes/deletions to the Evaluator List.  Please read through the instructions below and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

To begin, login to the Annual Information Report (AIR)

  • You will need your user name and password from the previous year. If you do not have this information, please contact

You are now ready to continue:

  • The first link brings you to the Annual Report & Substantive Change Update Form.  It will be pre-populated with your school’s information.  Please review all information, update and submit changes.
  • Once this section is completed, you will be returned to the main menu. Continue to the second link.
  • The second link goes to the Review/Update Evaluator Information. The list includes evaluators from your school that are already in our database.  Please list only the names of school personnel who have expressed an interest in serving on a visiting committee.  Note that when you delete a name, you must indicate whether the individual has retired or relocated. If you are making additions, please do not overwrite any staff who have retired or relocated in order to maintain accurate records.
  • The third link allows you to update or change your username and password.
  • When all sections of the AIR have been completed, you may log out.

We recommend that each member school print a copy of the AIR with the Evaluator List, though you can log back in to the website at any time to view your submitted information.

If you have any questions, please email

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