Special Progress Reports

Special Progress Report

When the Commission has concerns about a school’s capacity to meet one or more of the Standards for Accreditation, it may request a Special Progress Report(s) to assess, on a periodic basis, the school’s progress toward meeting the particular Standard(s).

Once the visiting team report has been reviewed by the Commission, there may be recommendations or areas which do not meet the expectations of the Commission. The Commission then uses the Special Progress Report as a means of monitoring how the school addresses those concerns as well as for observing the school’s commitment to the accreditation process and its Standards. The Commission sets different time limits for the Special Progress Report(s) depending on the severity of the situation and maintaining a realistic expectation of the school’s ability to accomplish the task. However, a school is generally asked to report back to the Commission in one or two years, based on the depth of the concern, the need for planning, an understanding of the fiscal situation and an overall understanding of the school itself.

There is a Special Progress Report cover sheet which can be accessed by the link below. The letter requesting the Special Progress Report should detail what information is required, and the presentation should be in narrative form accompanied by whatever supplementary materials are needed. Schools should read the letter of request carefully. There is no need to send more information than what is requested.

Once the Special Progress Report is received, it is reviewed and discussed by the Commission at its next meeting, and response is sent out soon after. The response may include a request for continued Special Progress Report(s) until the issue has been resolved to the satisfaction of the Commission.

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After completion, reports should be sent to the Committee office by email to:  CPEMSReports@neasc.org

Questions on the Five-Year Progress Report can be directed to Kathy Montagano, Associate Director, at kmontagano@neasc.org

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