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Ongoing Accreditation

An accredited school must host an Accreditation Visiting Team every 10 years; e.g. the Decennial Visit. Because Accreditation is an ongoing process, NEASC expects that members schools will make continuous efforts between visits to address the recommendations highlighted during the Decennial Visit and maintain communications about their progress through required follow up reports and any special progress reports that may be requested. It is the role of the Commission to monitor the progress of schools as they address the Standards for Accreditation.

Application for Accreditation

An Application for Accreditation must be completed and returned to the Commission office in order for a Decennnial Visit to be scheduled. Once the Commission office processes the application, the principal will be notified of the scheduled Visiting Team dates. 

To view instructions and how to request an application, select the year in which your school is scheduled to host its next Accreditation Visit:

2019 Application - CPEMS (due July 14, 2017)

Schools on schedule to be evaluated by NEASC in the year 2019 are required to submit an Application for Accreditation to the Committee office.  Please complete the appropriate version of the application, ensure that all required signatures are affixed, and return to the CPEMS office.  The application can be sent by mail, fax, or email to jfletcher@neasc.org

Application for Accreditation Spring 2019 (doc)

Application for Accreditation Fall 2019 (doc)

Once the application is returned and the schedule is finalized, the school will receive confirmation of the visit dates. 

Please keep a copy of the completed Application for your files.

The school is urged to provide the names and titles of members of the Steering Committee within the application. CPEMS will prioritize their invitations to participate on a visiting team.



If you have any questions about the Application procedure, please contact:

Judi Fletcher