What is the value of elementary or middle school accreditation?

Self-reflection -- How often do you plan to take time to assess the workings of your school beyond the test results? The self-reflection process is analogous to taking variety of snapshots of your school and all its parts. How do they look? What are the school's strengths? What are the school's needs? What would you do to improve the quality of education?  Do all of the initiatives work in tandem?  In an age of assessment, a school needs more than one tool to measure its effectiveness. Test scores provide instant opportunities to judge schools, but they do not explain them. The accreditation process enables schools to determine a path for improvement and growth. 
School improvement and growth -- Public schools are under constant demand to improve. The primary purpose for the NEASC accreditation process is to provide realistic opportunities for schools to develop improvement and growth plans to enhance teaching and learning.
Educational Excellence for the elementary and middle school students of New England.